Faced with a global health crisis that has halted economies around the world, the airport industry has swiftly moved to implement new health measures based on recommendations from international health authorities to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep passengers and employees safe. 

As airports worldwide work towards a successful recovery and restart, our top priority remains the health and welfare of travelers, staff, and the public. The industry is committed to protecting public health and is devoting significant resources to enhance safety standards and improve airport processes. 

Addressing a global crisis of this nature requires close collaboration and cooperation at all levels. To alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on airports, ACI World is working with members, industry stakeholders, and international health organizations, including the World Health Organization and ICAO, to monitor the global health situation, share important updates and information, and develop best practices for implementing new health and safety requirements.

ACI World’s Health Experts Provide
The latest public health news and information, through policy briefs, press releases, and advisory bulletins
Guidance on implementing global health requirements and safety measures
Access to airport health and safety programs
Tools and resources through ACI’s publications library
Expert insights through the ACI’s Insights
In-person and online events and learning opportunities

Airport Health Initiatives

The Public Health & Safety Readiness accreditation provides airports with an assessment that evaluates how aligned their public health and safety measures are with the ACI Business Restart and Recovery guidelines and the ICAO Council's Aviation Recovery Taskforce (CART) recommendations, along with other industry best practices.

Streamline the passenger screening process

Through ACI’s Airport Health Measures Portal, airports worldwide can easily share their screening measures with passengers, airports, and industry stakeholders to improve the passenger journey. Information shared on the portal is centralized, searchable, and accessible through ACI’s free Check and Fly and Airport Check mobile apps to support passengers and airports alike.

Check and Fly

ACI’s Check and Fly mobile app provides the latest airport-specific screening requirements to help passengers prepare for travel in advance.

Airport Check

ACI’s Airport Check mobile app helps airports communicate new screening requirements with passengers and access screening information and statistics from airports worldwide.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Portal data is available for third party use through an Application Programming Interface (API) and may be beneficial to airlines, travel agents, app developers, and industry stakeholders.

Join a network of over 400 accredited airports worldwide

ACI’s Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) program provides airports with an assessment of how their health and safety measures align with ACI’s Aviation Business Restart and Recovery guidelines, ICAO’s Council Aviation Restart Task Force recommendations, and industry best practices. By participating in the program, airports demonstrate their commitment to public health and safety to passengers, staff, regulators, and governments.

Airport Health Accreditation Advantages:

Validate your airport’s health measures

Implement practices that align with ICAO guidelines and efforts across the industry

Provide reassurance to passengers 

Demonstrate your airport’s commitment to public health and safety

Receive industry recognition for excellence in safe hygiene practices

Areas of Assessement

  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Physical distancing
  • Staff protection
  • Physical layout
  • Passenger communications
  • Passenger facilities

Passenger Areas and Processes

  • Terminal access
  • Check-in areas
  • Security screening
  • Boarding gates
  • Lounges
  • Retail, food, and beverages
  • Gate equipment 
  • Escalators and elevators 
  • Border control areas and facilities 
  • Baggage claim area
  • Arrivals exit

Assess the effectiveness and quality of the implementation of your Health Measures at your airport by conducting an on-site audit

ACI’s Airport Health Measures Audit program, launched in partnership with Bureau Veritas, offers ACI members worldwide a comprehensive onsite audit of all airport processes, from management to operations, and complements ACI’s Airport Health Accreditation program. Developed in consultation with health, safety, and air transport experts, this airport-specific audit is based on internationally recognized SafeGuard™ standards.

Following a successful audit, airports receive the SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label in recognition of their health and safety compliance in alignment with national and international recommendations.

Airport Health Measures Audit Advantages:

Ensure your airport’s hygiene and protective measures are effectively implemented

Build trust and reassure passengers

Demonstrate your commitment to public health and safety 

Join a growing network of airports recognized by the SafeGuardTM Label

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