ACI World has partnered with Bureau Veritas - a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification - to introduce the Airport Health Measures Audit program, based on the SafeGuard™ standards.

Through this partnership, ACI and Bureau Veritas are now able to offer members an onsite audit to cover all airport processes, from management to operations.

Health, safety, and air transport experts have contributed to the creation of this airport-specific checklist.

The program is open to all ACI member airports of all sizes in all regions and is a complement to ACI’s Airport Health Accreditation program launched earlier this year.


About the audit

Airport applicants that successfully complete the on-site audit will be awarded the SafeGuardTM label enabling airports to demonstrate their compliance with measures that are aligned with the recommendations of national and international authorities.

The SafeGuardTM label:

  • Addresses specific risks to all places where people live and work, providing a continuous reference to travelers along their journey. Audit teams have been effectively trained on hygiene best practices and assures that protective measures are properly set up and implemented in a transparent way.
  • Aims to support airport operators by addressing their specific risks and by reassuring passengers.
  • The acquisition and display of the label reassures the travelling public using the airport’s facilities.

How to apply

Please complete the form to receive more information or to apply for the Airport Health Measures Audit Program.


For more information, feel free to consult the frequently asked questions.