Smart security is the leader in driving security innovation for passenger and baggage screening.

Smart security’s goal is to strengthen security, while providing a seamless passenger journey, increased efficiency and reduced operational costs.


The problem

Existing airport infrastructure cannot handle expected growth. ACI expects that passenger traffic will reach 20.9 billion by 2040. Many airports are near, at, or even exceeding their design capacities, causing congestion, lower levels of service, and passenger frustration.

Today’s passenger and cabin baggage screening is a ‘one size fits all' approach with many of today’s security measures being a direct result of reactive security ‘bolted-on’ in airport infrastructure in response to the latest threat and not being considered, or being considered too late, in the airport design phase. With continuously evolving threats and passengers becoming increasingly dissatisfied with queues and often intrusive processes, airport security needs to adapt if it is to meet the growth targets and changing customer expectations.

The vision

Smart Security envisions a future where passengers are screened seamlessly, where security is strengthened and where airport facilities and operations are optimized.

The solution

The vision will be achieved through the introduction of risk-based security concepts, advanced screening technologies, and process innovation. With these elements in combination, Smart Security seeks to deliver:

Strengthened security

Focus resources based on risk and increased unpredictability. The use of new innovative technologies with advance capabilities that can include stand off detection, artificial intelligence, automated threat recognition and global information sharing.

Increased operational efficiency

Increased throughput with more passengers processed with lower levels of resources. Minimize the spacial requirements for the security operation in order for airports to use the space for other means.

Improved passenger experience

The creation of a seamless walking paced experience for passengers using various different screening capabilities creating a non intrusive journey from curb to airside.

Where are we so far?

While the Smart Security program sets a vision for the longer term, many Smart Security concepts and solutions are available today.

Over the past few years, they have been tested and evaluated in partnership with governments, airports, airlines, and solution providers. Airports including London Heathrow, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Doha Hamad, Toronto Pearson, Melbourne and Changi are amongst those leading the way, with many more now looking at how Smart Security concepts can be incorporated into their operations.

Learning from their experience, the program has led the development of a number of critical innovations in the screening experience. For example, Smart lanes, Centralized Image Screening, and Computed Tomography equipment were all proposed by the SSMG. Promising technologies such as Explosive Detection Systems for cabin baggage (EDS-CB) and Automated Prohibited Item Detection. Systems (APIDS) are rapidly being trialled and rolled-out due to their unique advantages.

For more information about Smart Security solutions and concepts, Guidance material is available below on the following topics.