#Back2Facts on the Airport Business

Airport infrastructure generates positive socio-economic impacts in terms of job creation and contributions to the economy—playing an important role in supporting the attainment of several United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Ensuring that existing infrastructure is used efficiently and that funding for additional capacity to meet future infrastructure needs is attained, fosters the socio-economic gains associated with air transport.

Airports must have the freedom to operate as businesses in their own right so that they can recover from the impact of the pandemic and grow sustainably by investing in infrastructure, facilitating seamless travel, innovating, meeting decarbonization targets, and improving connectivity.

Aeronautical charges are vital revenue streams for airports. Charges are levied on both passengers and aircraft operators for the use of airport facilities, and they are crucial for infrastructure development and more. Governments need to support the airport business. Airport charges policies need to evolve in favour of passengers who are at the centre of the aviation ecosystem.

Regulators and the aviation industry must work together, returning #Bact2Facts on the Airport Business.

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Restoring Economic Equilibrium

This ACI World Resolution urges governments to acknowledge the changed risk profile of airports in some jurisdictions due to the pandemic and to provide regulatory support to restore economic equilibrium for unrecovered costs, either as financial compensation or through future airport charges.

Modernizing global policy frameworks on airport charges – pricing for the benefit of the traveling public and the efficient use of infrastructure

This ACI World Resolution calls upon governments to re-evaluate their models of economic oversight on airport charges in consideration of the changed competitive landscape of both airports and airlines; and encourages airport operators and airlines to work collaboratively to boost connectivity and extend the socioeconomic benefits of aviation.

Working Papers

In support of ICAO's Airport Economics Panel

In recognizing the changes to the airport sector over the past decade, the ICAO’s Airport Economics Panel (AEP) has initiated a working group of Member States and Official Observers to assess the ongoing relevance and responsiveness of ICAO’s policies on charges (Doc 9082) in 2022.

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