Runway safety related accidents, in particular runway excursions, remain aviation’s number one safety risk category. Among the top contributing factors are poor braking action due to contaminated runways combined with shortfalls in the accuracy of runway surface condition assessments and timeliness of communications on changing conditions. As a consequence, ICAO has developed a new methodology for assessing and reporting runway surface conditions commonly known as the Global Reporting Format (GRF), which has become applicable since 4 November 2021.


Accurate and up to date runway condition reporting is critical to reduce the risk of runway excursions. This information allows flight crews to make informed decisions on take-off and landing conditions. A standardized approach of reporting will ensure a common language between all stakeholders.

Preparation of all industry segments for the implementation of this change is critical.

GRF implementation: preparation for airports


GRF Implementation progress survey

ACI World has created a survey in order to better assess the progress of implementation of the new GRF methodology on a global scale. The information gathered in this survey will be kept confidential and only used in aggregate form to provide an industry overview. The results will also help ICAO and industry partners ensure a smooth transition to GRF.

Resources for airports

To provide practical guidance and clarity on the application of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Global Reporting Format (GRF) methodology for Runway Condition Reporting, Airports Council International (ACI) World has developed the following Frequently Asked Questions.

Guidance to airports on conducting visual observations for assessing runway surface conditions. This is a set of best practices and lessons learned based on feedback from ACI airport members.

ACI Global Training offers a virtual instructor-led short course as well as a web-based self-paced training course to help airports prepare for GRF implementation.

A series of joint webinars and GRF-related webinars have been held, and more are planned on this important topic.

Runway condition assessment worksheets for runway under wet conditions or during winter.

Global Reporting Format Webinars

GRF Implementation: practical guidance for airports in regions not affected by winter operations

Jun 30, 2021

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Implementing GRF at airports with non-winter conditions: Challenges, tools and best practices

May 27, 2021

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Implementing GRF at airports with winter conditions: Challenges, tools and best practices

Apr 15, 2021

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