ACI is the unrivaled authority on airport data and statistics worldwide. We collect airport traffic data every year through our global network of airport operator members, investors, and aviation stakeholders.

We gather, analyze, and share vital airport and industry data including passenger and cargo traffic, aircraft movements, rankings, and more.

Airport Performance Intelligence

ACI Intelligence Hub

Leverage interactive tools, global airport traffic data, and the latest industry insights
Access and interact with in-depth, up-to-date airport data
Gain valuable insights into industry benchmarks, trends, and forecasts through the latest reports and publications
Customize reports for download — slice and dice data to fit your needs
Available to airports and industry stakeholders through yearly subscriptions
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Traffic Reports and Datasets


Monthly Traffic Report Subscriptions

Obtain detailed statistics and regional summaries covering passengers, cargo and aircraft movements for approximately 1,200 airports participating in the monthly collection
Get insights from statistics and regional summaries covering international passengers and international freight for approximately 900 airports participating in the monthly collection
Choose among four subscription plans

Annual World Airport Traffic Report

Comprehensive annual report presenting a review of the operating year
Includes regional commentary and in-depth analyses of the world's major aviation markets
Provides full rankings for passengers (international and domestic), air cargo (freight and mail) and aircraft movements (air transport movements and general aviation)

Annual World Airport Traffic Dataset

The industry’s most comprehensive airport statistics dataset featuring airport traffic for over 2,600 airports in more than 180 countries and territories
Provides a view of air transport demand across the world’s airports by three areas: passengers (international and domestic), air cargo (freight and mail) and aircraft movements (air transport movements and general aviation)

Annual Traffic Forecast

Airport Traffic Forecast Datasets

Provides traffic forecast figures in an excel dataset for total passengers (international and domestic), air cargo volumes (in metric tonnes), and aircraft movements
Presented at global, regional, and national levels for over 100 countries, the forecasts feature:
      • Analyses
      • Summary tables
      • Predicted rankings
      • Insightful charts
      • Full dataset of forecasts

Economics Report and KPIs


Airport Economics Report

Presents analyses and summaries of airport industry revenues (aeronautical and non-aeronautical) by source, costs (operating and capital) for the financial year and related trends across the globe and over time
Provides an analysis of the Airport Key Performance Indicators, based on an annual survey that generated data from 1,060 airports

Airport Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Presents insight into areas such as financial and employee performance, fixed-asset productivity and airport operations
Includes detailed statistical tables that provide quantifiable barometers of industry activity for airport managers, analysts, investors, and other aviation stakeholders
Derived indicators based on an annual survey from over 1,060 airports

Data Collection

ACI's authority on data and statistics is possible for the most part thanks to the contribution of airports from all around the world. Members can contribute to the quality and relevance of ACI World's policy briefs, guidelines, data reports and publications by submitting the data for their respective airport(s) using the forms below.