The ACI World Governing Board ensures policy recommendations and activities represent the collective interests of ACI members. Comprised of 28 representatives from regional ACI boards, the ACI World Governing Board defines the direction of our work with the aim of fostering the capacity and growth of the global airport community.

Board Structure

The Board consists of 28 CEOs, plus the former Chair of the Board.

Board members may be appointed for up to two three-year terms.

Board members must be the official representative of a regular ACI member.

The Board Chair and Vice-Chair are recommended to the General Assembly by the World Governing Board.

The Board Chair and Vice-Chair each serve a two-year term.

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Michael Rossell, Senior Vice President,
International Relations and Corporate Secretary

ACI World Standing Committees

Led by airport and industry members with area-focused expertise, ACI World Standing Committees provide the World Governing Board valuable guidance and counsel on policy issues. Standing Committees also assist ACI’s Executive Committee and Secretariat.

Airport IT

We provide airports with IT-related tools and guidelines to increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience.


We promote the economic interests of airports and the communities they serve.


We help airports reduce their environmental impact by sharing sustainability guidelines and best practices.

Facilitation and Services

We help airports improve their terminal flows and processes by providing recommendations, guidelines, and best practices.

Safety and Technical

We help our members implement new safety standards, operating procedures, and technologies.

Airport Security

We work closely with decision-makers to strengthen airport security measures and share new regulations with our members.

Tools and Resources

To learn more about committee creation, membership, and procedures, download the Guidelines for ACI World Standing Committees and Other Bodies.

For an overview of current World Standing Committees and their members, download the ACI World Standing Committees document.